Free 2 Sing Bursary Fund


The FREE 2 SING BURSARY FUND supports anyone in need who wishes to take part in You Gotta Sing.

The bursary provides free membership in the YGS Chorus, and those who receive this support do so anonymously.

The FREE 2 SING BURSARY also supports Vanessa’s volunteer work throughout Nova Scotia, bringing the joy of singing in community to organizations and individuals who benefit from the connection, healing, and joy that singing together can bring.  These community-led workshops and events are offered free of charge to those organizations who would like to provide people with the You Gotta Sing experience, but who do not have the funds available to hire a facilitator.

Contributions to the FREE 2 SING BURSARY FUND are not eligible for charitable tax receipts as this is not a registered charity.  Donations, of any amount, are gratefully accepted.