Leap of Faith


18 weeks ago, I took a leap of faith. I knew that I wasn’t doing enough for my soul. I wanted more of a routine than work, sleep, repeat. I asked myself what was missing and what my heart needed most. I googled “Halifax choirs” and happened upon You Gotta Sing Chorus. I liked their “feel” of inclusivity and cheerfulness, so I signed up.

I knew nobody, and showed up with butterflies in my stomach that were so big I was afraid that they might escape. I arrived early and seated myself where I thought I might “fit”. People filed in, chattering excitedly, greeting others that they knew. Next, a woman (Susan) came in and seated herself next to me. I asked how long she’d been in the choir and we discovered that we were both new. We each thought we might be Sopranos and committed to figuring out “Sopranoism” together. Along the way we met Katie & Hilary who have completed our joyful [and sometimes mischievous] Soprano quartet (also known as “the posse”).

These past four and a half months have been An incredible journey of learning, laughter, and love. I can’t fully describe it, but I’ll try.

I’ve learned – that sometimes I surprise myself. That complete strangers can (and will!) care about your well being. That a drop in the bucket eventually makes a wave. To be more open. That taking chances and going out on a limb can pay off huge. To be incredibly grateful for those who are following their passion & their heart’s (divine?) leading: these are the people who enable many others to do the same. To be part of a whole. That the world is full of SO MANY interesting and talented people. That talents sometimes weave together to create beautiful things. That sometimes creating something beautiful requires bravery as individuals (but also as a collective.)

I am so happy with where I am these days. Each week I’ve looked forward to Tuesday. To update my new friends (and be updated!) on the joys and trials of life, to be with “my kind”, and to be embraced and lifted. Sometimes at the end of a song, I can’t help but giggle, or proclaim “YES!” as if joy just escapes from me involuntarily.

To see Vanessa BEAMING with pride in front of us mouthing the words “this is beautiful!” makes me swell with happiness. When our concerts end, my face often hurts from smiling. Thank you Vanessa, for allowing us the privilege to be part of your heart, story, and song. Your selflessness is inspiring.

I’m a better person because this choir is in my life. There’s not a shred of doubt in my heart about it.

If there’s something you’re missing folks – chase it. Take a baby step in the right direction, or throw down your pen and chase that special something with wreckless abandon. I promise. It’s worth it.

Submitted by Jen Schwartz

(Photo left to right:  Katie, Jen, Vanessa, Susan, Hilary)