Singing from the heart ~ a vulnerable act

“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come”  Chinese Proverb

The singing heart.  A vulnerable space of tender beginnings, tentative vibrations, emotion and spirit desiring to be released.  To send our song out freely feels like a wish, a whisper, sometimes a cage, and when fully realized a bursting forth, freedom, belonging, and cause for celebration!

I am blessed to receive people’s stories of voice and singing.  These stories of hurt and hope, shared often with a self-deprecating laugh or wistful, watery eyes tell of times when the person was told to “mouth the words” or to “not sing.”  When the love of singing overshadows the fear of others (or our own) judgement about our voices, the resulting magic can change lives.

Singing is our birthright.  Our voices claim our space, speak our truth, and celebrate our wild and powerful beauty.  Senseless and thoughtless voices can tear great rifts in our confidence and momentarily unseat us.

Let this be a new moment.  Let the great hum of the wonder-full world around you set your lips vibrating with the gentle, internal sound that lets you know that you are here.  You have a voice.  You don’t have to sound pretty.  You don’t have to be an idol.  You don’t even have to be good.

The same vulnerability you feel when you sing is exactly the shining thing that I love about your sound.  So, add your sound to the symphony of life going on around you all the time.  The ache, the hurt, the wonder, the joy … it’s all there in the texture, tone, breath, timbre, and rhythm of you!

And we should be so lucky to hear you…